Date of birth: 25/04/2010
Sex:  ++++++++Male
Breed: ++++++ Exotic
Color:  ++++++Blue & White


++Cat`Studio Sylvester

+EXO: Blue Silver Classic Tabby & White ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++Van++

++Light Air Markus

 EXO: Black Silver Classic Tabby & White+++

CH Light Air Bruce Willis of

++++EXO: Black Silver Cl. Tabby & White

++GC Polcann Freito-Bandito

++++++++++++EXO: Red Tabby & White

++Spellbound New Hue of Light Air

 EXO: Black Silver Classic Tabby & White

++Light Air Silver Dreams

++++++++++EXO: Black Silver Cl. Tabby

++GC, NW Polcann Make-My-Day+of Prestega

++++++++++++++++PER: Blue Cl. Tabby

++Spellbound New Hue of Light Air

+++++++++Black Silver Cl. Tabby & White

++Prestega Fruit Candy

+EXO: Blue Silver Classic Tabby & White++

++CH Vannjty`s Unbeliеvable
+Blue Baby

++++EXO: Blue Silver Cl. Tabby & White++

++Ydem S`karamel

++++++++EXO: Cream Cl. Tabby & White

++CH Vannjty`s La Barddot

+++++++++++++++++++++++  EXO: Blue

++Prestega Sessile

+++++++++++EXO: Blue Silver Cl. Tabby

++CH Light Air Bruse Willis
+Of Prestega

++++EXO: Blue Silver Cl. Tabby & White

++CH Polcann`s Sweet-Jeans
+Of Prestega

++++PER: Blue Patch Cl. Tabby & White

++CH Cat`Studio Daisy

+++++++++++++++++EXO: Blue & White++

++CH Single Tatami of Cat` Studio

++++ EXO: Brown Classic Tabby & White++

++CH Sugarspun Love at First of ++Single

+++++PER: Brown Cl. Tabby & White Van++

++GC Noblessa's Navigator, DM
+of Sugarspun

+++++++++++++ PER: Black & White Van

++GC Bocasana Backyard Baby
+of Sugarspun

++++++ PER: Blue Cl. Tabby & White Van

++Dali Look Butterfly of Single

++++++++EXO: Brown Patched Cl. Tabby++

++CH Vita-Nova's Lucky Luc of
+Dali Look

++++++++++++++++EXO: Blue Cl. Tabby

++Parry of Dali Look

+++++++++++++++++++++++PER: Сalico

++ Laski Air Shin of Cat`Studio

+++++++++++++++++EXO: Dilute Calico

++Equinox Lacky Dendy of Luksor

++ +++++++++++++PER: Cream & White

++GRC, NW Equinox Enigma av
+Elains, DM

++++++++++++++PER: Blue & White Van

++CH Equinox Heaven Sent of

+++++++PER: Blue Patch Tabby & White


+++++++++++++++++EXO: Dilute Calico

++CHHightives Reddy Teddy

+++++++++++++++ EXO: Red Cl. Tabby

++Deadorn Donna Rose of Luksor

+++++++++++++++++++++++EXO: Calico

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